Club History

The Stamford Yacht Club was organized on Thursday, October 16, 1890. The incorporators were William A. Lottimer, James D. Smith, William W. Skiddy, Albert C. Hall, Walter M. Smith, W.L. Brooks, A.M. Hurlbutt, Schuyler Merritt, Archibald H. Smith, Henry K. McHarg, James I. Raymond, and Samuel Fessenden, all of Stamford.

The Club’s earliest members were active people living in interesting times. The Merritt Parkway is, indeed, named after our second Vice Commodore whose Commodore, Henry K. McHarg, built a railroad town in Texas that is still called Stamford.

Like hundreds of members who followed them, the founders preserved and enhanced the Club, both for their contemporaries and for generations to come. When we commemorate our fellow members of earlier generations, we not only express our gratitude, but we also gain a sense of our own responsibility as stewards between the Club’s last century and its next.

The Club Historian and other interested members are now collaborating in the creation of a web-based presentation on the history of the Stamford Yacht Club, which will be available to all visitors. Like the Club, itself, this will forever be a work in progress.

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Commodore Lottimer’s Good IdeaFrom YACHTS and YACHTSMEN of AMERICA, Henry Mott Editor, International Yacht Publishing Co., 1894,

(courtesy New York Yacht Club)

One evening during the month of September 1890, while at anchor off Stamford, and about to man Fenella's gig, the unpleasantness of being obliged to go up a long and twisting channel before arriving at a point where one could find a suitable landing came rather forcibly to the mind of Commodore William A. Lottimer, and the idea came to him that there was no reason why Stamford could not and should not have a yacht club, not only for the benefit of the yacht owners, but also for others who might enjoy spending an afternoon or evening with their families down by the water. 

So, on the evening of October 16, 1890, a few gentlemen met by invitation at the residence of Mr. William A. Lottimer, Richmond Hill, Stamford, Conn., for the purpose of organizing a yacht club.  At this meeting it was voted to name the club the Stamford Yacht Club. Twelve gentlemen were appointed an Executive Committee, empowered to draft a constitution and by-laws, and to procure a club house, or a site for the erection of one, on the shores of Stamford Harbor.