Welcome Visitor,

The Stamford Yacht Club is chartered as a private membership organization, so we are legally obliged to restrict the use and enjoyment of Club facilities to members and their properly registered guests, and to members of fellow clubs with reciprocity privileges. We carefully fulfill that obligation.

The Club is also a long standing and responsible member of the greater Stamford community, as well as local, regional and national organizations governing and promoting the Club's traditional activities of boating, tennis and aquatics. Therefore, portions of this site dealing with yachting traditions, local history and our members' participation in inter-club and extra-club sporting events are open to all visitors, and we hope they are widely enjoyed.

Your membership inquiry is welcome. If you are acquainted with a member, we encourage you to discuss the Club and its admissions process with that member.   Alternatively, inquiries may be made to the Admissions Committee at admissions@stamfordyc.com.


David T. Gurney