Dorade Trophy

Hosted by SYC, the 51st Dorade Trophy is a JSA Big Boat Regatta for junior sailors scheduled for Monday, August 13, 2018. This annual regatta is a great opportunity for junior sailors all around the Sound to represent their yacht clubs and develop new sailing skills in a team environment that will last a lifetime.

Each boat must have a minimum of 5 sailors on board between the ages of 14 to 18 to be eligible to compete. Additionally, there will be an owner representative and an SYC sailing instructor on board of each boat.

Prior to the regatta, SYC junior sailing instructors and volunteer members will host mandatory on the water training sessions and navigation training for those interested in participating.

If your junior sailor is interested, please contact SYC’s Junior Sailing Administrator. SYC will create teams for all juniors interested. If your junior sailor already has a team prepared, let us know and we will keep the team together. SYC will register all competitors for this event.

It isn’t everyday that your junior has the opportunity to race aboard a Big Boat against other juniors from across the Sound, let alone out of our own yacht club! Don’t let your junior miss out on this opportunity!