Beginner Classes

Little Puffs
(6-8 Years Old)
Less than 95 lbs
Introduces children to sailing with a focus on fun on the water in a safe environment, while also learning the basics of how sailboats operate. Boats are provided.
Beginner Opti
(8-13 Years Old)
Less than 95 lbs
Beginner Opti is the next step from Little Puffs, or the entry for first time sailors. The class teaches the basics of sailing (points of sail, trim, steering) and gets sailors comfortable with single-handed sailing. Learning and fun on the water are the focus. Sailors are encouraged to provide their own boat. Limited charter boats are available.
Sailors who weigh more than 95 lbs are advised to consider signing up for Beginner Sloops.
Beginner Sloops
(12-17 Years Old)
More than 95 lbs
This class is perfect if you have never sailed before, but have outgrown the Opti Dinghy. The class teaches the basics of sailing (points of sail, trim, steering) and gets sailors comfortable with a two-person boat. Boats are provided.