Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Opti
(8-14 Years Old)
*4 week flexible session. Weeks can be used throughout the Summer.  Additional weeks can be bought at a discounted rate.
New this year, Intermediate Opti offers a curriculum that is adapted to each individual sailor’s needs. The Intermediate Opti course encompasses what was Opti 1 and Opti 2 last year and is the perfect course for first time Opti sailors, as well as sailors who have completed last year’s Little Puffs, Opti 1 or Opti 2 courses. Sailors will be divided into separate groups by skill level and will be able to easily move between groups as they develop their sailing ability over the summer.

Sailors will focus on learning improving their boat handling, sail trim, seamanship, and more through on the water drills and games.

The Intermediate Opti course’s primary goal is to foster a love for the sport of sailing by allowing sailors to explore the sport in the way they are most inclined to do so. While some sailors will be ready for fun drills and friendly competition, others will be more interested in the social, playful and adventurous aspects of sailing.

This class is an intermediate step towards Opti Racing or the Reacher program and can be repeated over the years as sailors develop their abilities and explore the sport. This course aims to expose as many interested sailors as possible to the excitement of participating in a beginner "Green Fleet" regatta with their friends.

Sailors are encouraged to provide their own boat. Limited charter boats are available at a rate of $550 per 4-week session.

Reachers Adventure Sailing
(10-17 Years Old)
The Reachers class is perfect for sailors that prefer the recreational and social aspects of sailing and enjoy exploring the sport through different types of boats and unique techniques, such as trapezing on a 420, spinnaker flying on a Feva, and flying a hull on a Hobie Cat. Sailors will improve their boat handling and seamanship through on-the-water games and will explore the Long Island Sound on distance sails.

This course is designed for sailors that have completed Opti 2 or participated in the Reachers class last year, or are beginner sailors, 10 and older interested in learning about the sport.
Boats are provided.

Opti Racing
(8-15 Years Old)
Opti Racing is for sailors who love the sport and want to focus on racing skills. The class is appropriate for sailors who have completed Intermediate Opti and wish to focus on racing and competing at JSA events.

Sailors must provide their own boat.