Championship Facts


  • Racing will be limited to 20 invited competitors plus a “mystery guest” may be invited by the selection committee
  • Boats will be provided and will be sailed in a “round robin” format
  • The maximum number of crew aboard shall be 1 person
  • All competitors must be current members of US Sailing. Proof of membership will be requested upon application and registration- USSA Member and Class Association Lookup Here
  • One design class association, represented by competitors, must be current members of US Sailing to be eligible for selection
  • The applicant must be a winning one design class United States, North American or World Champion helms-person
  • Eligible competitors shall normally sail in the U.S., be members of US Sailing and be members of a club, class or association affiliated with US Sailing
  • The qualifying year runs from August 1, 2018 – August 4, 2019 prior to the current years’ event start date
  • Past Mystery Guests:
    • Megan Ploch- 2018
    • Steve Benjamin 2017
    • Brad Funk 2015
    • Greg fisher 2014
    • Betsy Alison 2013
    • Bora Gulari 12
    • Bruce Kirby 10
    • Paul Cayard 09
    • Sally Barkow 06
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