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Our Story

The Stamford Yacht Club was organized on Thursday, October 16, 1890.

The incorporators were William A. Lottimer, James D. Smith, William W. Skiddy, Albert C. Hall, Walter M. Smith, W.L. Brooks, A.M. Hurlbutt, Schuyler Merritt, Archibald H. Smith, Henry K. McHarg, James I. Raymond, and Samuel Fessenden, all of Stamford.
The Club’s earliest members were active people living in interesting times. The Merritt Parkway is, indeed, named after our second Vice Commodore whose Commodore, Henry K. McHarg, built a railroad town in Texas that is still called Stamford.

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor."

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.