Visitor Policies

Dress Code

A standard of dress consistent with the yachting traditions of the Club and appropriate for the moment demonstrates an appreciation of one’s surroundings and respect for fellow members. 

The Vineyard Deck is open for members' enjoyment May through September.

The Western, or pool side, of the Vineyard Deck is designated as a casual dining area. “Smart casual” is the dress code for all members/guests and junior members. Collared shirts are required for gentlemen and boys along with slacks or tasteful shorts and footwear. Shirts, blouses, dresses or tasteful shorts and footwear are acceptable for women and young ladies. At no time are bathing suits, ripped clothing, t-shirts, blue jeans, camouflage pants/shorts or excessively baggy clothing permitted in this area.

The Eastern, or tennis side, of the Vineyard Deck, as well as the uncovered end of the Deck is designated as the informal area. Those dining or enjoying the bar in this section are expected to be neatly attired. Tennis, exercise and bathing apparel, with appropriate cover up, are permitted and, like above, ripped clothing, camouflage pants/shorts or excessively baggy clothing are not permitted in this area.

Gentlemen are requested to refrain from wearing hats or caps in the covered area of the Vineyard Deck. 

Cell Phone Usage

To enhance the social atmosphere of the clubhouse, the use of electronic communicating, computing and entertainment devices is restricted.

Electronic devices must be in vibrate or silent mode while in the clubhouse and on the covered portion of the Vineyard Deck. Telephone conversations and electronic messaging are prohibited in those areas. Necessary conversations and messaging should be discreetly conducted outdoors (including the uncovered north end of the Vineyard Deck), or in the coat room. Other quiet uses of electronic devices are permitted, except in all dining and bar areas and in the front hall.

Nothing in this policy is intended to unreasonably prohibit such incidental uses as glancing at a vibrating phone to learn the source of a call, adding a calendar entry, or viewing pictures.