Tennis & Platform Tennis


The first two lawn tennis courts were installed at the Stamford Yacht Club in 1892, the same year that the horse-drawn railroad was constructed on Shippan Point. While these courts were lost in the fire of January 13, 1914, three courts were constructed in 1915, and in that same year, the Tennis Committee joined the American Lawn Tennis Association. As the Club's reputation as a fine tennis club grew, it attracted many Open Collegiate and Junior Tournaments, and such renowned athletes as Bill Tilden and Don Budge graced the courts in exhibition play. Today, the Stamford Yacht Club features six Har-Tru tennis courts, four of which are lit for night play. The Club is a member of the United States Tennis Association.

Platform Tennis

Paddle, or Platform Tennis, was born in the early 1930s at the Fox Meadow Club in Westchester County and enthusiasm quickly grew for the sport at the Stamford Yacht Club. Our original two courts, constructed of wood and wire where the lower parking lot is now located, had decayed badly by the late 1940s, and were torn down.

Popular support caused the wooden courts to be rebuilt north of the tennis courts in 1968, and lights were added in1969. These were later replaced by the modern metal courts our avid members now play on throughout the winter months.

Is platform tennis for you? Check out these fun facts:

  • Platform tennis is scored EXACTLY like tennis.  Points are awarded via the Love, 15, 30, 40 and deuce rule.  When tied at deuce the serving team must win two points, just like in tennis.  
  • Six games wins the set, and the first to win two sets wins the match.  If you've played tennis before, you'll feel right at home.
  • Platform tennis can be played as a singles game or a doubles game.
  • The court is approximately 1/3 the size of a traditional tennis court and is 44 feet long and 22 feet wide.
  • The court is surrounded by a wire fence made out of "chicken wire" that extends up 12 feet high and acts as a wall for the ball to be played off of like in racquetball.
  • The net stands 34 inches high and does not have a no volley zone.  
  • Despite being played on a miniature sized tennis court, players still serve overhand like in tennis.  This is VERY unique for a game played on a court this size.  
  • Platform tennis is played year around, especially in our newly heated courts!