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Oct 25
Walton Ferguson served the Stamford Yacht Club as Rear Commodore (1897-1898), Vice Commodore (1899-1903) and Commodore (1904-1907), and later returned for an additional year as Rear Commodore (1911).  His tenure as a flag officer exceeds that of any other SYC member by at least four years.

Sep 19
Commodore William A. Lottimer thought there was no reason why Stamford could not and should not have a yacht club, not only for the benefit of the yacht owners, but also for others who might enjoy spending an afternoon or evening with their families down by the water.

Sep 19
We call the game “paddle” and that’s okay, because, even though playground paddle tennis (Albion, MI and NYC) predated platform paddle tennis (Scarsdale), we only play the latter here, so there’s no risk of confusion.
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